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Introducing Our Engines+ Program

Global Recovery Corp of Springfield, MO is proud to introduce the Engines+ line of Cummins and John Deere complete and long block engines. Engines+ products are remanufactured in the USA to meet or exceed OEM standards using OEM or OEM specification parts.

Leveraging over 35 years of experience, GRC is committed to quality. Engines+ products are rigorously tested for quality in all phases of the remanufacturing process. The major components of an Engine+ engine have to pass a 37 point check during machining, which includes a magnaflux and pressure test, before being released for assembly. At assembly, one of our experienced technicians builds a single engine from bare block to finished product to prevent errors and ensure quality.

Engines+ long blocks come with a 6 month/1000 hour parts and labor warranty while our complete engines and power units come with a 1 year/2000 hour parts and labor warranty.

Check out our current inventory of Engines+ remanufactured products below. Put one of our quality Engines+ products to work for you today!

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